Common issue in Database & DB Script development

Tips and Notes for DB testing:

When test the Database or DB Scripts or DB Objects, tester need include this common mistake

  1. Failure of database connection

  2. Inadequate privilege of certain database activity for the objects such as table, triggers, stored procedure, function…

  3. Fail to create the file

  4. Failure to create the databases or objects due to the invalid or inadequate hardware requirement.

  5. Error due to the reserved keywords to the variable or object name.

  6. Error due to the invalid type of data

  7. Error due to the mishandling of comma, single quote..

  8. Error due to the string or values size greater than the field size.

  9. Error due to the schema name with object

  10. Error due to the hard coded value specific to the DB instance such as development, Test, staging and production.

  11. Misspelled columns or objects name used inside the another object(s).

  12. Calling wrong objects

  13. Missing keywords


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