Object Oriented Concept


Mechanism to hide or protect certain group of data and code using special kind of wrapper is called encapsulation. Class is one of the primary object use to wrap the variable, data, methods and properties … Also protect members from unwanted or unauthorized interaction.

public class encapsulationBase


private string privateMember = "Private Member accessible within the class.";

protected string protectedMember = "Protected Member available in derived class.";

public string publicProperty { get; set; }

internal string internalBaseMethod()


return privateMember + "Internal Member available within assembly file." ;




Mechanism of the object with certain functionality handle many different type of values is called polymorphism. Generic methods and interfaces are type independent, those are best example for the polymorphism.

using System.Collections.Generic;




List<int> intPolymorphismList = new List<int>();

List<double> doublePolymorphismList = new List<double>();

List<string> stringPolymorphismList = new List<string>();


Mechanism to using properties of one object from another object in hierarchical order is called inheritance. Derived class acquires base class accessible members is the best example for this concept.

public class encapsulationDerived : encapsulationBase


public string showBaseProtectedMember()


return protectedMember;// this protected member inherit from base class


internal string internalDerivedMethod()


return internalBaseMethod(); // this internal method derived from base class




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