ASP.Net – Introduction – Controls – Html Controls



     ASP.Net is the new version active server page of .Net family. Frequent upgrade, integration of new technologies, more server control, event driven, visual style improvement and robust IDE make this web technology to latest and user friendly . But as a developer we are getting more trouble to remember versions and related feature, how to use new controls and how to adopt with new technologies introduced (Microsoft policy of reuse of code from other well defined technologies to ASP.Net). As I mentioned in my earlier post, some of the classes deprecated, some of the classes enhanced with new methods and functions and some of the new classes introduced whenever new version released.

     It supports .Net languages such as C#, VB.Net. Also support technologies such as ADO.Net, CSS, XML and regular expression. ASP.Net support inline code model (Controls, styles script, programing script in one file) like its predecessor ASP also support new code behind model. Extension .aspx (.Net active server page), .asmx (Web service), .ascx (Web user control) and .master (master page) support this code behind model (Separate file with code segregation). Code behind files using .cs or .vb depend the development what .Net language we used, for example if we used C# code behind file will create as .aspx.cs, asmx.cs, ascx.cs and .master.cs respectively.

    Current version of comes with HTML controls, Server Controls such as standard control, data control, navigation control, login control, validation control, Web Parts and Dynamic data control.

Control Group

Control Name


HTML Control

Html Button

<input id=”NameOfCtrl” type=”button” value=”button”/>

Html Reset

<input id=”NameOfCtrl” type=”reset” value=”reset”/>

Html Submit

<input id=”NameOfCtrl” type=”submit” value=”submit”/>

Html Text

<input id=”NameOfCtrl” type=”text”/>

Html File

<input id=”NameOfCtrl” type=”file”/>

Html Password

<input id=”NameOfCtrl” type=”password”/>

Html Checkbox

<input id=”NameOfCtrl” type=”checkbox”/>

Html Radio

<input id=”NameOfCtrl” type=”radio”/>

Html Hidden

<input id=”NameOfCtrl” type=”hidden”/>

Html Textarea

<textarea id=”NameOfCtrl “rows=”2″ cols=”20″></textarea>

Html Table

<table style=”width:100%;”>





Row1Col1 Row1Col2 Row1Col3
Row2Col1 Row2Col2 Row2Col3
Row3Col1 Row3Col2 Row3Col3

Html Image

<img src=”” alt=”” />

Html Select

<select id=”NameOfCtrl”><option></option></select>

Html Horizontal


Html Div


We can make the Html control as a server control using “Runat=’Server'”, next post related to the server controls.


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