English – Questions types – Tag questions, Interrogative questions


Question type

A) Tag questions

using helping verbs to make question. do, does, did, has, have, had, will, would, shall, should, must, can, could are some of the helping verbs.


  • He is coming, is not he?

  • He came, did not he?

  • He comes, does not he?

  • I know, do not I?

  • You are a child, Are not you?

  • She does not really want that, does she?

  • You had better stop now, had not you?

  • You‘d better stop now, hadn’t you?

  • So you thought it would be a good idea to reprogram the computer, did you?

  • It‘s quite an achievement, isn’t it, to win a Nobel prize!

  • Oh I must, must I?

  • I just adore Beethoven, don’t you?

  • Open the window, will you?

  • I’m coming with you, all right?

  • You’ve been there, right?

  • Easier said than done, eh?

  • You went there, no?

B) Using interrogative (question) words:

which, what, whose, who, whom, what, which, where, whence, whither, when, how, why, wherefore, whether ….


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