English – Antonyms List using ‘Dis’, ‘il’, ‘im’, ‘in’, ‘ir’ and ‘un’ prefix

When you add ‘dis-‘, ‘un-‘, ‘in-‘, im-‘, ‘ir-‘ and ‘il’ prefixes with words, the words become opposite meaning.  List of words are showing opposite meanings are called Antonyms.

Disadvantage Advantage
Discontinue Continue
Disorder Order
Disqualified Qualified
Dissatisfied Satisfied
Illegal Legal
Illegible Legible
Imbalance Balance
Immature Mature
Immeasurable Measurable
Immobile Mobile
Immoral Moral
Immovable Movable
Impatient Patient
Impolite Polite
Improbable Probable
Inaccurate Accurate
Incomplete Complete
Inconvenient Convenient
Incredible Credible
Ineffective Effective
Inefficient Efficient
Informal Formal
Invisible Visible
Irrational Rational
Irrecoverable Recoverable
Irregular Regular
Irrelevant Relevant
Irreparable Reparable
Irreplaceable Replaceable
Unattended Attended
Unauthorized Authorized
Unavailable Available
Unavoidable Avoidable
Unconscious Conscious
Unforeseen Foreseen
Unforgivable Forgivable
Unnecessary Necessary

33 thoughts on “English – Antonyms List using ‘Dis’, ‘il’, ‘im’, ‘in’, ‘ir’ and ‘un’ prefix

  1. A.Martin Charles.

    Good compilation. I like! but the Arabs ? will they like it? especially the “IN”
    The story goes likes this :
    Seeing the Petroleum tanker having display Inflammable, an Arab therw a lighted matchstick and later learnt in the hospital bed that the Antonym is Non falammable. Martin

    • Dear,

      I wrote this page for my kids reference. Best of my knowledge some of the words starting with ‘Re’ prefix showing meaning do again like ‘reproduce’, remake’, ‘reopen’ ….

      you can refer some more information

    • XXXBBB

      Not helpful? Keep it to yourself. Nobody ask you comment. If got nothing nice to say don’t say anything. If not helpful go do your own nice nice super helpful website then tell me. Then I’ll tell you if helpful or not. Kn.

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