English – List of Antonyms .. Continuity

But different words are giving opposite meaning. (Just like irregular pattern)
Above Below
Add Subtract
Angry Pleased
Ask Answer
Asleep Awake
Back Front
Bad Good
Beautiful Ugly
Before After
Begin End
Big Small
Black White
Buy Sell
Catch Throw
Cheap Expensive
Clean Dirty
Clever Stupid
Cold Hot
Come Go
Dark Bright
Day Night
Dry Wet
Early Late
Empty Full
Enemy Friend
Everybody Nobody
Far Near
Fat Thin
Find Lose
Finish Start
First Last
Forget Remember
Found Lost
Give Take
Happy Sad
Hard Soft / Easy
Heavy Light
Here There
Hide Show
High Low
In Out
Inside Outside
Kind Cruel
Lazy Hardworking
Lend Borrow
Little Much
Long Sort
Loudly Softly
Love Hate
Noisy Quiet
Old New
Open Shut / Close
Poor Rich
Question Answer
Quick Slow
Right Left/Wrong
Rise Fall
Rough Smooth
Same Different
Slow Fast
Spend Save
Stand Sit
Strong Weak
Sweet Sour
Talk Listen
Tall Short
Teach Learn
Teacher Pupil
These Those
Thick Thin
This That
Top Bottom
Up Down
Well ILL
Wide Narrow
Win Lose
Work Rest
Young Old

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