English – List of noun (Father, mother and young)


Father Mother Young
Boar Sow Piglet
Bull Cow Calf
Butterfly Butterfly Caterpillar
Cock Hen Chick
Cockroach Cockroach Nymph
Dog Bitch Puppy
Drake Duck Duckling
Father Mother Son, Daughter
Frog Frog Tadpole
Fruit Fly Fruit Fly Larva
Grasshopper Grasshopper Nymph
House Fly House Fly Larva
King Queen Prince, Princess
Lion Lioness Cub
Man Woman Baby, Child
Tiger Tigress Cub
Fox Vixen Cub
Orang-Utan Orang-Utan Baby
Eagle Eagle Eaglet
Owl Owl Owlet
Peacock Peahen Peachick

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