English – List of Synonyms

Words are giving more or less same meanings are called Synonyms

Also Too
Amazed Astonished
Ancient Old
Answer Reply
Ask Question
Bad Wicked
Beat Hit
Begin Start
Big Large
Blank Empty
Bottom Boot
Bright Shining
Centre Middle
Close Shut/Near
Collect Gather
Correct Right
Courageous Brave
Crazy Insane
Dear (adj) Expensive
Dirty Unclean
Disease Sickness
End Finish
Fall Drop
FALSE Untrue
Fast Speedy
Glad Happy
Hard Difficult
High Tall
Holiday Vacation
Hungry Famished
ILL Sick
Intresting Fascinating
Jump Leap
King Emperor
Learn Study
Listen Hear
Look See
Magnificent Splendid
Memento Souvenir
Modern New
Pretty Beautiful
Quick Fast
Quiet Peaceful
Rich Wealthy
Rude Impolite
Sad Unhappy
Small Little
Talk Speak
Tasty Delicious
Thief Burglar
Thin Lean
Thrilling Exciting
Under Below
Weak Feeble
Well-Known Famous
Wide Broad

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