Mobile application development a glance.


Development Environment:

It may not be latest technology. Just sharing what I struggled to initiate the system when I was started to develop new mobile application to my client. If you are going to develop windows mobile application, first decide yourselves hardware with which version windows OS. Then what technology you are going to use for the development. If Microsoft .Net technology, choose supported version of .Net compact version. If you are going to develop database oriented application choose supported version of compact SQL version. In case your application wants to synchronize with your Server Database choose supported version of SQL Server to the compact SQL. Finally choose supported version of Microsoft IDE.


For example:

If you are using .Net 2.0 or .Net 3.0 compact frame work with SQL server 2005 compact edition choose SQL server 2005 and above with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and above. On the other hand using .Net 2.0 or .Net 3.0 Compact frame work with SQL server 3.5 compact edition choose SQL server 2008 and above with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and above. Otherwise, your development affected with series of error. We unable to find the solution for these issue with IDE error messages. If you open data source in the IDE prompt you error, create compact database may get error. If you manage to create the database using SqlCeServer library may get the issue to open….


Try to open your compact edition SQL using SQL server management studio installed in your development PC. It may be prompt you useful message.


Connecting your Mobile:

Usually windows Mobile dock with desktop environment using small interface program through USB cable or mobile Network interface card or blue tooth or WiFi network or infrared port. USB, WiFi and blue tooth are common for mobile world.



This small interface may be either Active Sync (windows XP) or Windows mobile center (Windows Vista or Windows 7) depends your operating system. It synchronize your files, images, songs, mail, contacts…, If you want to synchronize your mobile database with your server database you can choose RDA (Remote Data Access) technology or Sync Services for ADO.NET. 

If you want to use RDA technique, you need SQL Server Replication (either Snapshot or merging folder), Remote Data access agent configured with virtual directory, using ‘PULL’ and ‘PUSH’ method to synchronize from server to device, device to server respectively. 


If you want use next generation Sync Services for ADO.NET, please check


On the other hand you are using access database in your PC need to syncronize, please search as ‘Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition Access Database Synchronizer’


you can find some useful development technique with this article


next few blogs I am going to update the issues and solution…


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